Virtual Piano Player

Your computer keyboard is all you need to play.

Every letter on your computer keyboard corresponds to a key on the Virtual Piano just like the image below.
So, for example, when you see – tt oo pp o – type those letters on your keyboard to play the notes.

Additionally, the Composer lets you write your own music.
You can, also, find a music sheet from Virtual Piano, paste in the Composer and press Play to hear it out.
More Instructions below.


Now playing "{{ }}"

Song List

The Composer

Use the Composer to write your own song or paste a music sheet to try it.

  1. Give your song a title
  2. Choose the approximate bpm
  3. Write or paste the music sheet (using the rules from the instructions)
  4. Press Save and you can find your song on your music list

While composing you can listen to your song or even a selected part of it.
Simply put the mouse cursor on the position you want to start from and press Play.
You can even select a part of the music sheet by highlighting it and only that part will play.


It is quite simple! Use your computer keyboard to play music.

Each number or letter on your computer keyboard corresponds to a white or black key on the piano.
Lower case letters – play the white keys on the piano.
Upper case letters – play the black keys on the piano.

a s d f Play each note after a short pause
asdf Play notes one after the other
[asdf] Play notes together simultaneously
as | df Play notes after a long pause
[as] [df] Play notes together

Happy composing!